About Scott


I am Scott Middleton and I have decided to write a blog about religious charities. I have been in some shape or form over the years, involved with Christian charities. People always say they enjoy doing for others, but I really do and I put my money (and time) where my mouth is. I am going to sound cliché, but giving makes me feel good. I love to see the fruits of my endeavors when those in need receive the help they deserve. Over the years, I have worked to help individuals receive everything from clean water to a child’s visit to see an incarcerated parent.

I am a part of the Lutheran Church and we have consistently been involved with charities in one way or another. This is the main reason why I was drawn to the Lutheran faith, because I have been a giver all my life and I wanted to give in a bigger capacity once I got older.

If you are interested in charities and charity giving, this blog is the place to be. I will talk about charities and if you have a suggestion or a topic you want discussed, let me know.